Who We Are

Oklahoma City (OKC) IdeaSpace is an organization of like minded people who want to promote the idea that there can be a public place to create, share and learn various crafts and skillsets.  Building on the Makerspace and Hackerspace movement, we are organizing to build a Oklahoma City public Maker "library" of tools and support eventspaces to improve the opportunity for people to learn a variety of skills.  Organized similar to the YMCA and a community Library for the common good of Oklahoma residents.  Part Makerspace, Hackerspace and communityspace.


Obtain equipment, skillsets (Fellows), obtain partnerships and/or space to move the community education process forward.

At least 5000 sqft shared space opened 24 hours per day in or near Downtown Oklahoma City.

An environmentally controlled space with Heating and Cooling

A space divided into office/classroom space and Industrial space.
--A space where woodworking, laser cutter, CNC and other machinery could be used
--A space where soldering, art, electronics, and quilting could be explored

A place which provides members access via a RFID, Keycode or other access method

A secure place members can leave projects in a locker or on shelf.

A place with reasonable supplies if needed for common items

A place with a pile of common items (bone yard) that can be shared for parts.

A place with adequate restroom and washing facilities

A place for area robotics, computer security, and other "brain" clubs can meet and organize.

A place which has an organized training area to utilize space tools to ensure training is completed, tracked and updated by members.

A place companies and organizations can meet, and utilize state of the art facilities.

A place with a technical library on-hand for projects.

A place with computer workstations for printing, programming or Cad work.

A place with core technology groups in the following areas:
--Laser Cutters
--3D printing
--Computer Technology
--Computer Security
--Laser Technology
--Application and Program development
--CNC Equipment
--Woodworking equipment
--Mechanical engineering

A location for Oklahoma City Hackerspace, Robotics and other technology user groups.

Our early work will involve supporting various spaces with technology, assistance and expertise.

Our History

Nothing yet!

Our Current Work

Early 2012 - Visit other maker spaces and conferences to avoid re-inventing the wheel and start with best foot forward.

Mid-2012 Form a plan to proceed

Fall 2012 Seek interest level with various potential organizations (Donations and Board positions)

Fall 2012 - Start process of Incorporating and filing for 501c3 in the State of Oklahoma.

Our Future

Winter 2012 - Develop a list of interested Members and potential Board leaders.

First Quarter 2013 - Provide Final Draft of how space will operate.

First Quarter 2013 - Initial Board is put in Place

2nd Quarter 2013 - IdeaSpace Initial Articles and Bylaws are finalized.

Our Concerns

How to ensure adequate insurance and safety coverage for the space.

How to ensure adequate coverage for the board and members

How to secure the space for a low cost on a 24/7 basis

How to ensure membership controls the organization.

How to ensure core values, funding or equipment can be protected in a membership based organization.

That this organization is a safe, non-profit oriented community organization.